Unique Australian eCard Ideas

If you like vibrant colours in a greeting card then you should look at those produced from Australian photographers ans  artisits. Pam Barbour is a Western Australia artist who captures the “real” colour you find when visiting Western Australia.

Pam was convinced by her family to offer her work for sale and has come up with a wonderful greeting card portfolio of here paintings. Her cards are a great tribute to her work and well worth a look.

You can see Pam’s work by visiting

There are many ways to create greeting cards as a craft and for more profitable ventures.

For the more aristically inclined, creating cards from sketches or cut outs might seem a little odd but why not. You can see these on eBay as there are a lot of cards pumped out by the large commercial card distributors, the craft or personally designed cards are far more unique. Let your card creations free and they should stand out amoung those repeated commercially produced cards.

Another way to send cards to friends and family is via mobile or cell phone. There are a number of online services available where you can design your own ecard and send it to whomever you choose. Why not use some of those old photos? I’m sure there are many out there who have thousands of pics stored away gathereing dust or pixels.

Isn’t technology great, you can easily customize your own cards.

For years we have been sending greeting cards to each other and sometimes hoarding them for the sake of our memories. Or is it guilt that makes us hold on to them as someone close has spent time and money on us? What do we do with them?

What we can do is give the cards to charity. Yes, just contact a local children’s hospital, nursery school, nursing home or council care group and ask them if they want to use them for craft activities. Alternatively, just pop them into a recycle bin or center. But remember to cut of identifcation names and addresses.

There are a number of solutions to stop the massive buildup of cards. Send eCards, they can be stored without taking up space, deleted or even printed (getting back to our old habits).